NGPM Monologue Meet Videos 2020

After a busy & exciting September for our 21 teams, here are the final monologues!

If you would like any further information or would like to contact any of the creatives below, please click on their names for their website, Spotlight or IMDB page. Alternatively, please contact NG Personal Management at 

Team 1

Team 2

Title: "Fear"

Written & Performed by: Thomas Stocker

Title: “Left Behind”

Performed by: Mikko Juan

Written by: Alex Vrettos

Directed by: Hui Zhang

Team 3

Title: "I am a Woman"

Performed by: Liza Keast

Written & Directed by: Sara Alves

Music by: Artificial

Team 4

Title: "Follow Your Heart"

Performed by: Ben Gilbert

Written by: Sian Rowland

Directed by: Mahee Merica

Team 5

Title: "Life on Mars"

Performed by: Anna Westlake

Written & Directed by: Adema Tatisheva

Team 6

Title: "Change"

Performed by: Luke Race

Written & Directed by: Oliver Staton

Team 7

Title: "Marlene"

Performed by: Veronica Ellis

Written by: Abbie Hills

Directed by: Jason Edwards

Make Up: Tara Kane

Sound: Ray Lyttleton

Team 8

Title: "Mrs Galamor"

Performed by: Jim Truscott

Written by: AJ Merlin

Directed by: Amie Burns-Walker

Team 9

Title: "Visitor"

Performed by: Elizabeth Chapman

Written by: Chris Leonard

Directed & Edited by: Steve McCarten

Team 10

Title: "Marinara"

Performed by: Finella Waddilove

Co-Written by: Paul Culshaw, Finella Waddilove & Sherice Griffiths

Directed by: Sherice Griffiths

Audio by: Sophie Carswell

Team 11

Title: "I Didn't Get the Job!"

Performed by: Katie Beudert

Written by: Kadijha Kamara

Directed by: Laurel Parker

Edited by: Jerome Rehioui

Team 12

Title: "By the Way"

Performed by: Cristina Stoica

Written by: Emily Holyoake

Directed by: Benjamin Smith

Cinematography by: George Eddy

Post Production by: Will Milligan

Team 13

Title: "Home"

Performed by: Alexander Clifford

Written by: Dave Barton

Directed & Edited by: Delnaz Nozari

Filmed by: Elizabeth Clifford

Co-Edited and Graphically Enhanced by: Osmaner Tasdiken

Team 14

Title: "Grace Must Speak"

Performed by: Heather Wilkins

Written by: Tessa Franklin-Mann

Directed by: Sophia Carr-Gomm

DOP, Editor & Colourist: Max Paterson​

1st AC & Gaffer: Adam Hector Tidd ​

Team 15


Performed by: Hannah Louise Saxton

Written by: Katie Nicholas

Directed by: Shaida Kazemi

Team 16