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If you are interested in being represented by NG Personal Management, please send your Spotlight link & any additional material to;

By sending us your CV, you give explicit consent for NG Personal Management to use the data provided to us for the purposes of representation consideration only. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details of how we use any personal data which is sent to us. 

N.B: NG Personal Management does NOT use any Tracking or Analytic tools on this website

If you are appearing in a production and would like to invite NGPM, please make sure that you give at least 4 weeks notice and we will try our best to attend.

Please note:Due to the high volumes of emails received, we are not able to reply to all emails. If we are unable to offer you any representation at this time, we do not store your data any more than 1 month after your initial email. 


Natalie Giacone
For postal address, please get in touch

07810 138535

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